[Planning & Zoning]


 County Zoning Ordinance

Section 1, 2, 3: Purposes and Intent, Title, Jurisdiction

Section 4: Rules and Definition

Section 5: Administration and Enforcement

Section 6: County Planning Commission

Section 7: Board of Adjustment

Section 8: Building Setback Permits

Section 9: Non-Conforming Uses

Section 10: Classification of Districts

Section 11: General Regulations

Section 12: F-1 Floodplain District

Section 13: AG-1 Agricultural District

Section 14: R-1 Residential District

Section 15: C-1 Commercial District

Section 16: I-1 Industrial District

Section 17: Shoreland Regulations

Section 18: Conditional Uses

Section 19: Variances

Section 20: Amendments and Rezoning

Section 21: Subdivision of Land

Section 22: ISTS REPEALED 4/24/12

Section 23: Pipeline Standards for Transport of Natural Gas or Petroleum-Hydrocarbons

Section 24: Telecommunication Towers and Facilities

Section 25: Renewable Energy

Section 26: Nuisance Regulations

Section 27: Penalties and Enforcement

Section 28: Validity

Section 29: Repeal of Ordinance 12



Body Art-Ordinance #30

Regulation of Manufacture Home Parks, Recreational Camping Areas, and Youth Camps-Ordinance_31.pdf-

Cleanup of Clandestine Drug Lab Sites-Ordinance #32

Adult Use/Sexually Orientated Business Ordinance-Ordinance #33

Mining, Extraction, and Excavation-Ordinance #36

Subsurface Sewage Treatment System (SSTS)-Ordinance #38

Regulation of Licensing and Inspection of Food and Beverage Establishments-Ordinance_39.pdf

Regulation of Lodging Establishments-Ordinance_40.pdf

Regulation of Public Swimming Pools-Ordinance_41.pdf


Cottonwood County Buffer Ordinance - DRAFT 10/17/17

Cottonwood County Zoning Ordinance #28 Shoreland Section - DRAFT 10/03/17