Cottonwood County Comprehensive Local Water Management Plan

The Cottonwood County Local Water Management Plan is intended to identify existing and potential water issues in the context of watershed units and groundwater systems, informing specific implementation actions to achieve goals for sound hydrological management of water and related resources.


Requirements of a local water plan are set forth in current state statute (M.S. 103B.311, Subd. 4.). The plan must address management of water, effective environmental protection, and efficient resource management, and must be consistent with local water management plans prepared by counties and watershed management organizations wholly or partially within a single watershed unit or ground water systems. This Water Plan is a ten-year management plan with a five-year implementation schedule.


The County Board of Commissioners adopted a resolution on March 4, 2016 to update this plan, according to Minnesota Statutes now in effect.


This is the plan update for the fourth edition of the local water management plan for Cottonwood County, which was completed in March of 2017 by a Public Hearing before the Cottonwood County Board of Commissioners. 

A Public Hearing is set for March 23rd, 2017 at 1:00 p.m. to hear public comment on the Proposed 2017 Cottonwood County Comprehensive Local Water Management Plan. The hearing will be held at 900 3rd Ave. in the Cottonwood County Commissioner's Room. The proposed plan can be found online or a copy can be found at the Cottonwood County Soil and Water Conservation District Office.

 2017-2027 Cottonwood County Comprehensive Local Water Plan

Figures from Comprehensive Local Water Management Plan

Fig. 1 Cottonwood County Wetlands Inventory pg. 16

Fig. 2 2012 Impaired Waters Requiring a TMDL (Draft) Map pg. 17

Fig. 3  Cottonwood County Wellhead Protection Areas Map pg. 21

Minutes from the Comprehensive Local Water Management Plan Public Hearing 3/23/17

Written Comments from the Public Hearing

Affidavit of Publication for the Public Hearing on March 23rd, 2017